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Diagnosing dermatophytosis in dogs and cats.  Dermatophytosis is a disease caused by a superficial fungal infection in keratinised skin.

Diff Quik Stains Diff Quik (DQ) stains are commonly used in practice to examine blood smears and cytology samples. It is a three-step system using methanol as a fixative followed by an orange/eosinophilic solution then a blue/basophilic solution. Learn more about Diff Quick stains.

How to Package Samples for Delivery to the SVS Laboratories. Samples need to be packaged using the 3-layer IATA packaging system. This consists of a primary receptacle, secondary receptacle and an outer shipping container. Read more here.




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Bulk Milk Sampling

The national survey of the bulk milk samples as part of response to M. bovis is underway. This is placing a great strain on the systems and resources and does take an understandable priority. We are still getting the samples for our BVD Testing Programme but we are seeing a delay of up to 2 weeks in the timing of these.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and are doing all we can to turn the testing around as quickly as possible once we have the samples.

Thank you very much for your support and understanding in this matter.

Click here for SVS Laboratories BVD Bulk Milk Monitoring Programme Form



BVD Beef Herd Programme

About 80% of beef herds have been exposed to BVD

Very few farms have conducted any monitoring

Most beef farms are in the dark on their status

BVD is having major effects on beef farming profitability through:

  • Increased empty rates
  • Increased time from calving to pregnancy
  • Sickness and poor growth in young stock

Use the SVS Labs BVD Beef Programme at the time of pregnancy scanning.

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