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  • The facial eczema season is here! Although overall spore counts across the country is low, some very high counts have been observed in South Waikato and Eastern Bay-of-Plenty, and we are seeing occasional animals with biochemistry changes consistent with facial eczema damage. (Article first published in VetScript, New Zealand Veterinary Association, February 2020)
  • Sporidesmin toxicity and decreased production. It is facial eczema season and temperatures have been favourablefor spore formation and therefore animals may be at risk of liver damage from sporidesmin toxicity.
  • Informative article from Dairy NZ on Facial Eczema. We have seen large numbers of submissions with severe facial eczema this week. With the increased moisture and continuing warm weather, the spore counts have increased dramatically in all regions over the past 2-3 weeks. Make sure prevention strategies are still in place. (The link from this post is to an informative article regarding Facial Eczema by DairyNZ and includes a video about the subject. Article first published in VetScript, New Zealand Veterinary Association, June 2018)




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