Molecular Diagnostics

(Molecular diagnostics is a collection of techniques used to analyse biological markers in the genome and proteome the individual’s genetic code and how their cells express their genes as proteins by applying molecular biology to medical testing.)

Ben McMonagle 

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Alisha Stanaway

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Kelly Stewart

Kelly has worked in veterinary pathology laboratories since 2014, kicking things off in haematology but later branching out into multiple departments including serology and molecular diagnostics. In her personal time, she is into comics, cosplay, cartoons, and film and geek culture in general, which is reflected in her large collection of books, comics, games, action figures and other merchandise. She is active in the Hamilton art community and into bush walking, an interest which started when she worked for DOC. Kelly loves animals, nature, Harajuku fashion and all things cute. If allowed, she would happily adopt every cat that crossed her path.